The microbiome health company.

Client:Biome Australia

Date:2018 - Present

Design Scope:

Brand Identity
Publication Design

Digital Scope:


Blaze Ecommerce

We have been fortunate to work with ASX listed company Biome Australia since it’s inception which has involved branding for the company but also for their brands Activated Probiotics and Activated Nutrients.

Logo Design

The logo we designed represents the pill motif as the main iconographic element. This stems from their flagship brand Activated Probiotics.

We aimed to design a bold and sleek logotype that can be easily added to any print or digital application and stand up in the corporate space.

Publication Design

In a pioneering collaboration, we had the privilege of working with Biome Australia’s directors and their legal team. We played a crucial role in designing and publishing their first 166-page prospectus for the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listing. 

This project involved a blend of financial insight, legal compliance, and creative design to create a document that was not only regulatory compliant but also engaging for potential investors.