Progressive, multi-faceted construction company.

Client:Harris Construct

Date:2021 - Present

Design Scope:

Print Design
Digital Design

Digital Scope:

Website Development


Blaze Ecommerce

The Harris Construct brand has evolved alongside their steady growth to evoke a feeling of professionalism, modernity and reliability which reflects their ethos in the construction industry.

WordPress Theme

In 2021 we launched this website using a WordPress Theme. This is a cost effective way to start while still achieving a quality outcome.

This is a perfect example of our Basic Package and a showcase of the quality outcome that can be achieved with a WordPress Theme.

Custom Components

As with all themes, at times we face limitations and we must design custom components to insert within the theme.

We have put extra effort into writing and designing custom components for their case studies as this is the most important thing to showcase; the work.