The Butcher’s

The Butcher’s

Premium raw food for dogs. Subscription and delivery.

Client:The Butcher’s Dog

Date:2020 - Present

Design Scope:

Print Design
Digital Design

Digital Scope:

Website Development
Digital Engagement


Blaze Ecommerce

The Butcher’s Dog approached us for the creation of a new website, which we subsequently designed and developed. Since then, we have worked closely to deliver a variety of digital assets along with numerous upgrades and continual support.

UI Design

We performed an extensive brand audit to review, curate and refine existing copy and the overall online experience. We developed a cleaner and more efficient communication method through improving the copywriting and visual style to help customers more easily understand the brand’s mission and find the right products.

At every touch point we have preempted and strategically positioned microcopy to help guide customers through the shopping experience.


The Butcher’s Dog takes both One-off Orders and Subscriptions at a discounted rate.

Subscriptions have supported The Butcher’s Dog’s recurring revenue business model which has exponentially increased with solid retention.

Due to the nature of raw food, we have needed to set highly technical shipping rules that work around specific postcodes and product categories while also honouring free shipping thresholds.

My Account Dashboard

A proven method to acquire and retain new customers is to encourage signups by offering a discount. When a customer creates an account, they gain access to a range of features to manage their personal details, their dog’s details, manage their subscriptions and more.

The My Account dashboard hosts a Refer a Friend program, for which OX Digital provided strategy, copywriting, design and development. The incentive program further improves brand position by utilising valuable word of mouth marketing.

Electronic Direct Mail

We have customised WooCommerce transactional emails to be more on-brand visually but also tactfully written to be clear, informative and enjoyable. 

Particular order or subscription statuses trigger conditional automated emails such as Cancel Win Back, On Hold Enquiry, and various other reaching out emails.

Additionally, the customer database syncs with Klaviyo where new customers can be educated on the benefits of raw feeding via welcome email flows.