Your brand as a living entity, one we nurture and evolve before boldly sharing it with the world.

A brand is a feeling, and when multiple people connect a feeling towards your brand (good or bad) your brand is established.

Platinum’s new Identity

The travel conglomerate needed a significant rebranding effort following the industry’s heavy downturn due to the global pandemic.

Since the Platinum brand is often used in conjunction with other affiliated companies, there was a focus on making the identity strong enough to function on its own, but also subtle enough to not overpower other logos. 

Colour is used to differentiate the various service groups, and the unintrusive typographic approach allows the logo to evolve in parallel with the company by offering infinite expandability.

Brand Identity

Fonts, colours, imagery and even tone of voice all influence the way your brand is perceived. A cohesive identity ensures that all of your products and services feel premium and purposeful.

Logo Design

While a logo is not your brand, it is a key design element that represents a brand. We craft unique logos that are memorable, versatile and effectively represent your values. 

Design Systems    

A design system is a set of interconnected guidelines that include design tokens (colours, typography etc) and UI components (buttons, inputs etc) to improve efficiency and make it easier to scale. 

Mood Boards

We use mood boards to showcase design concepts and visual direction. It’s a curated collection of images, materials, colour palettes and fonts arranged to evoke a particular style or feeling.

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