Digital Engagement

Build a brand your customers love - and can't possibly live without.

We manage our clients’ marketing avenues with the objective of inspiring and educating customers through quality content creation and deployment.

Inbound Marketing

Attract. Engage. Delight.

Attract followers to your brand with carefully curated content. Don’t fight for customer attention, have them come straight to you.

Credibility and loyalty are built through educating customers at every touchpoint of your brand experience. We work to ensure that customers learn why they need your product or service.

A positive brand identity and strong messaging can be hard to maintain, but at OX Digital we have years of experience building brands for clients and our work reflects the dedication to making sure your brand leaves a lasting impression.

Our work revolves around communicating a reputable brand that cares about its customers. Social proof through reviews and testimonials are the main indicator of a good brand that we build towards.


Social Media Optimisation

OX Digital’s social team has the passion, creative skills and technical expertise to transform your brand into one that is trusted and loved.

We create and publish quality social media content to the appropriate platforms to enhance brand strength and loyalty through building an engaged following.

Keep your brand in the conversation whilst showing a different side of your business to your followers with stories.

We can scout and network with social media influencers within your specific niche to leverage followers and improve brand visibility.


Electronic Direct Mail

One of the most effective ways to reach customers is through their inbox. We build and nurture your email database to improve customer retention and frequency.

We strategically set up re-engagement emails to achieve specific goals.

We write, design and deploy to keep your brand front of mind.

Incentivise customers with upcoming products, promotions and events.

Ongoing packages

Each marketing service includes

Monthly Service

We gather and analyse performance metrics to better coordinate how to design and deploy content that effectively meets monthly deliverables.

Monthly Reporting

Every month we will report on our progress with full transparency and arrange to meet in order to plan and strategize for the upcoming month.

Monthly Meeting

At the end of each month you can opt to meet with our marketing experts via video chat to discuss progress, measure success and open new opportunities to explore.

Monthly Fixed Price

We invoice at a fixed rate every month. Once you’re satisfied with our quality of service, we can negotiate on discounts for long-term agreements.

Let us take marketing off your hands.

Quality, engaging and consistent marketing content creation and deployment.